All Keibeb Safaris clients will gladly offer a personal reference.

However, being respectful of our guest’s privacy, we do not post details publicly.

Please contact me for past clients contact details.

Steph Marais


“This was my first hunting trip to Africa and it lived up to my expectations in every way. I wanted to shoot plains game having had forty years of extensive deer stalking in Scotland. To hunt on foot in Namibia with Steph, whose dedication and consummated ability was a treat. To have pleasure of taking a gold medal impala at 240yds with a gold medal kudu at 150yds with a .375H&H off sticks is just what I wanted to do. At home we usually shoot prone so to use sticks was a very new experience.”

The memories I have of this trip will live with me forever and has also left me determined to return for another trip with Steph Marais at Keibeb Safaris.”

Tony Ross



“It was beyond my expectations. I really enjoyed the home feel of it. It made us feel like family!”

George Rhodes



“Really Good

If you are looking for a spa and a ‘canned’ hunt, then you may be disappointed. This is a working ranch that has a down to earth approach. You can expect honesty and fairness with a deep understanding of the terrain and animals. It was a perfect trip.”

 Bruce Kenny